Give Your Employees a Roadmap of Certainty

The worries that keep you up at night are the same worries that keep your employees up. We all worry about retirement, paying for our kid’s college education, and whether or not we’re maximizing tax benefits. We all want the peace of mind that comes with a solid financial roadmap.

And while that future may always be changing, we can give your employees—and you—peace of mind. Choosing Evensky & Katz/Foldes Financial for your employee 401(k) service is choosing proactive, responsible oversight for their investments. We’re fiduciaries, so there are no conflicts of interest. Just transparency, accessible customer service, and solid principles. Make sure you and your employees are ready for life.

401(k) services that we offer:

  • 401(k) Plan Consulting
  • Custom Retirement Plan Design
  • Employee Education
  • Fiduciary Guidance
  • Performance Reviews

401(k) Resources

Ready to get started or want more information? Download our most popular reading lists, reports, and checklists.


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New Baby Checklist

Make sure your finances, wills, and financial plan include your new baby.

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Baby Is Here Checklist

Your necessary documents, financial info, and legal steps.

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Check Your Beneficiaries

As part of your annual financial checkup, you should review all accounts...

Reading Lists

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2021 COLAs

The Internal Revenue Code provides for dollar limitations on benefits and...

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The Power of Compound Interest

According to Einstein, “Compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the...

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Vanguard Digital Resources

Explore retirement savings tools and plan resources anytime—at home or...

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Diversification Can Feel Disappointing

A well-diversified portfolio is designed to help you achieve your...


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Tax Chart

Ordinary Income, Long-Term Capital Gains, and Qualified Dividend Rates...

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Q1 Quarterly Market Review

This report features world capital market performance and a timeline...

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The Cost of Trying to Time the Market

The impact of missing just a few of the market’s best...

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Staying Invested for the Long Term

Investors know that it’s logical to think long-term when it...

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Withdrawal Rates

A modest withdrawal rate can increase the longevity of your...

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