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Michael Walsh

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Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh is a wealth manager at Evensky & Katz/ Foldes where he works with individuals, families, and institutions to meet their financial goals. Michael is a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner and currently chairs the firm’s 401k Committee. 


Before joining the firm, Michael was a co-instructor for several graduate-level classes at Texas Tech University in the department of personal financial planning. Prior to joining the staff at Texas Tech, he was a charitable consultant in New Jersey where he helped nonprofits grow their endowments through current and planned gifts. 


Michael earned his bachelor’s degree from William Paterson University and holds a master’s degree in personal financial planning from Texas Tech University. He is the treasurer of the Coral Gables Community Foundation and is a member of the executive committee and the board of directors for the organization. When Michael is not working he enjoys playing golf, running, and watching his beloved Red Raiders. 

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