What Should You Consider When Reviewing Your Cashflow?

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Monitoring cash flow is universal and critically important to the health and well-being of your financial plan.

Perhaps you have:

  • Income streams that have changed; affecting your savings, taxes, or debt service.
  • Essential and discretionary spending has experienced upward creep; affecting your ability to save, service debt, or save for your future.
  • Savings goals that have changed; affecting your discretionary spending.

Cash flow becoming out of balance is sometimes easy to spot, however, sometimes you may not realize the imbalance until it is too late. Take a few moments to go through the

What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing Cash Flow? checklist. The checklist covers several areas which can help shed light on possible planning issues to consider or revisit.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. We all want every dollar to be accounted for and deployed as optimally as possible but aiming for perfect can get in the way of good enough.  Sometimes approximations are as useful as exact numbers, particularly in lieu of doing nothing and waiting for numbers to the penny. Don’t forget that most personal financial planning is an art, not science. We cannot predict the future but that should not stop you from planning.

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