What Planning Issues Should You Consider At The Start Of The Year?

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No time like the present to have a conversation about the various factors that can influence your personal financial planning.

For example, you can:

  • Take a look at your progress toward your goals, big and small. Consider any new goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • Evaluate your insurance coverages to make sure your risks are minimized.
  • Revisit your assets and debt and evaluate whether your risk tolerance continues to be appropriate.
  • Confirm how your 401k is invested. Why is it invested that way?

Take a look at the What Issues Should I Consider At The Start Of The Year? checklist we’ve included for you. In addition to the ideas above, you can work together with your advisor to get organized for tax season so you have a smooth experience. We all know having a good conversation now will set you up for success later.  The problem is we all know it but usually choose to punt. What choice will you make?

Sometimes the incremental changes that occur year-to-year may not seem like a big deal. In reality, though, they add up (compound interest can be applied to most anything!!). The planning that you’ve done together with your advisor can evolve to protect and strengthen the people and organizations that are important to you. What to find out what your personal financial planning has been missing? We are here to help.

If the checklist we’ve shared has helped you identify topics you should plan for, contact us today. Like we agreed on earlier, no time like the present!

Happy investing and happy planning,




Source: fppathfinder